Over a decade ago, Amy had a wild hearted dream of an Early Childhood Education program that would cultivate a culture of intersectional changemaking, a space for explorations of the self within the context of community for children, teachers, parents, and the business itself.  Like tumbleweeds that ride the waves of wind to spread their seeds, each would have permission to uproot, take risks, and trust the process. Tumbleweed is the definition of a Dream Come True!


After growing up in Arkansas and earning a BSE in Physical Education, Cody spent eight years in Waco, Texas before moving to Portland in December 2018. While in Waco, he worked at a mental health therapeutic nursery for six years, and it was there that he developed a passion and a joy in working with children. Cody recently graduated with an MS in Early Childhood Education at Portland State University, where he also worked before joining Tumbleweed at the beginning of 2020.Outside of work, Cody enjoys running, reading, coffee, camping, and hanging with friends.

Infant House

Hayln earned her B.S. in Early Childhood Education at the University of Wisconsin. After graduation, Hayln worked on campus in a small center serving university staff, students and the greater community. In 2010, Hayln moved to Portland and began work at Childswork Learning Center. And in 2014, Hayln joined Tumbleweed! When not working and playing with children, Hayln is out hiking, backpacking, and generally enjoying the beautiful Oregon scenery with her dog Slightly.

SHIANNE she/her
Infant House

Shianne is entering into her final year at Portland State University and will graduate in the Summer of 2021 with a B.S. in Child, Youth, and Family Studies. She moved to Portland in 2017 from Nevada and seeks to further pursue her educational goals within a graduate studies program. Shianne has worked with preschool-aged children for nearly 5 years and came to Tumbleweed in 2020 excited to continue her growth as a teacher alongside the Tumbleweed staff. In her spare time, Shianne enjoys collaging, reading, and vinyl shopping.

SAM MAJORS she/her
Infant House

Sam earned her B.S in Family Resources and Human Development with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education at the University of Hawaii. After graduation, Sam worked for UHM Children’s Center as a toddler teacher for two years while starting her masters with a focus on mindfulness and self-regulation with children ages 2-3. After spending 9 years between Hawaii and the Bay Area, Sam just moved to Portland to be closer to her family and found Tumbleweed a great fit for her teaching philosophy! In her spare time, Sam is very active doing yoga, rock climbing, paddleboarding and crafting!