General Information


“No matter how old you get may you never stop filling your pockets with smooth stones, empty snail shells and other little treasures" Nicolette Sowder

Hours of Operation
We are open 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday through Thursday at Tumbleweed Infant House and Monday through Friday at Tumbleweed Preschool House.  Each child has set days of the week.  Families with children at both locations have an early drop off option of 8:15am at our Preschool House. 

Our nonrefundable Enrollment Fee is $250 per child.  After you've paid this amount and one month's tuition, your spot is saved for you.  After that, tuition is due on the 10th of the previous month (i.e. July 10th for August) and also covers food, cloth diapers, and art and activity supplies while your child is in care.


Any fees or tuition paid (including advance paid tuition) is nonrefundable. Tuition is monthly and based on the set number of days your child is in care each week.  Withdrawal requires 90-days notice.

Children under 3 at both Infant and Preschool Houses:                                              
2 days per week:  $1130
3 days per week:  $1490
4 days per week:  $1795
5 days per week:  N/A (over 2; with director approval)

Drop in day: $145

Children 3 and older in the Preschool Cohort:                              
2 days per week:  $880
3 days per week:  $1130
4 days per week:  $1370
5 days per week:  $1485

Drop in day: $120

Families with siblings receive 5% off of tuition for one child. 
We offer a discount of approximately 5% for families who pay six months in advance. 


New enrolling families can designate one current family as their Referral, and the current family will receive 5% off of one child's tuition for the first six months that the new family is in care.

Lack of or partial attendance for any reason (including but not limited to illness, vacation, inclement weather, scheduled closures) does not reduce tuition.

Changing Days
Adding days  is subject to availability.  At this point, we rarely have opportunities to add days and strongly recommend planning ahead as you choose your days.  We recommend to families to enroll for the most days you might possibly need or want, as we strive to have full capacity.  Enrolled families have wait list priority.


Decreasing days requires 90 days notice and additionally must be approved by the Director. Withdrawal requires 90 days written notice. 


Bottle Feeding
Breastfeeding families bring breastmilk, which we keep in the fridge, and bottles.  Most families bring a daily supply each morning either in pre-made bottles or with one large container from which we can pour individual bottles.  Everyone keeps some extra milk in the freezer.  Families using formula simply let us know which type they use, and we provide it.

We follow the Whole Food or Baby Led Weaning method in terms of introducing infants to solids.--check out articles on our blog for details!

Snacks and Lunch
We provide all snack and meals during care.  In order to receive partial reimbursement through the Northwest Nutrition Service, we follow all USDA requirements and are subject to periodic inspections.


Additionally, we hold our own standards for high quality, healthy foods!  Children have the opportunity to participate in planting, composting, tending the garden, harvesting, and preparing food.  By prioritizing organic and local foods, whole grains, and a beautiful variety of fruits and vegetables, we support each child's path to healthy eating patterns--children here ENJOY healthy food!  

Our menu is vegetarian, and we are easily able to offer substitutions for dietary restrictions.

An example menu:
AM Snack--Roasted asparagus and whole wheat crackers
Lunch--Whole wheat tortillas, baked black beans and zucchini, watermelon, and milk
PM Snack--Strawberries and vanilla yogurt.

Please see below for our Immunization Statistics for 2019

Tumbleweed Infant House - 100% Immunized
DTap: 100%; Polio 100%; Varicella, 100%, MMR 100%; Hep B 100%; Hep A 100%; Hib 100%

Tumbleweed Preschool House - 83.3% Immunized
DTap: 94.4%; Polio 94.4%; Varicella, 94.4%, MMR 94.4%; Hep B 88.9%; Hep A 88.9%; Hib 94.4%